Living with HPP: Lisa’s Journey

Hello. My name is Lisa and I am 56 years old. I’ll start by saying I’m living a wonderful life. I did however live with almost constant pain since my late teens. My muscles always hurt and would pull. My joints were stiff. And I always had trouble with my teeth, despite taking very good care of them. I had visited every form of therapy to try to alleviate pain. Acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, etc. None of the doctors knew what to do. Whenever I would ask a doctor why my alkaline phosphatase number was low on my bloodwork, they would say we don’t worry about it unless it’s high. We all know that line!!

Fast forward to about three years ago, I started to have extreme pain in my arms and couldn’t lift them up. Turns out I had calcium crystals that had formed in my upper arm tendons. I’ve since had that removed twice in both arms and a rotator cuff full tear repair. I refuse to give up! Since starting StrensiqTM a year ago, the calcium has not come back into my arms!! I am very grateful for that.

My 20 year old son also has HPP and I am so grateful for all the knowledge he now has because of my experiences.

I sincerely feel that my journey with HPP took its most positive turn after finding Soft Bones on the Internet. There really isn’t anything better than connecting up with compassionate, understanding people that help in any way they can and who completely understand what you’re going through.

I have taken on the role of one the Northeast Region Leads for Soft Bones Foundation in New Jersey and enjoy reaching out and hearing about other people’s journeys. In mid- 2018 had our own follow-up get together after the Philadelphia “Stand With HPP” meeting. Several people stayed and we just chatted and shared our stories and even the doctor came and sat with us downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. It is so important to have these more personal get togethers. I feel like it keeps us connected.

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