Soft Bones relies on a variety of funding sources to deliver programs and services to the HPP community, as well as grow our service area and advance research in accordance with our mission. Often, potential donors do not understand the challenges of living with a rare disease such as HPP, and may not know anyone who has been affected, which makes our fundraising efforts even more challenging.

Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways that supporters can help our organization to raise funds through direct donations, hosting small or large fundraisers, both virtual or in-person, or by simply spreading the word without spending anything at all.

  • Create a Facebook or Instagram Fundraiser. Learn more here
  • Employer- Based:
    • Employee Giving Campaigns
    • Matching Gifts
    • Company fundraisers “jeans day, day of volunteerism” etc.
    • Corporate grant programs
  • Host a live or virtual event in your community, such as a walk, run, Zumba-thon, charity boot camp class or spin class, dance-a-thon, drive-in movie night
  • Get your family, school or community group involved in a bake sale, lemonade stand or similar sale
  • Host a restaurant fundraiser
  • Create a personalized t-shirt for your loved one with HPP and donate a portion of sales from family and friends to Soft Bones
  • Host a fundraiser using social media such as Facebook (link document) or Instagram to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or to honor someone’s memory.  You can even do one just for fun, such as Instagram bingo!

Looking for more ideas? Reach out to for a full list of fundraising opportunities that can easily be done from your home or within your community.