Facebook and Instagram Fundraiser

Facebook and Instagram Fundraiser

Interested in fundraising for your birthday, awareness days, end-of-year giving, or any other time? Follow these steps to start your fundraising page and show your support for Soft Bones. 

Facebook Steps

1. Search Fundraiser in the search bar.

2. Click Select Fundraiser, then search for “Soft Bones”.

3. Edit your fundraiser page to match your goals and tell your story.

4. Click Create when you are ready to publish and start fundraising.

5. Invite your friends and family to donate! You must invite them first before they can access your page.

Instagram Steps

1. Open the Instagram app and tap the + icon on the top right-hand corner of your profile page

2. Click Fundraiser

3. Select a nonprofit- softboneshpp

4. Enter the details of your fundraiser and then tap Done

5.Tap Share fundraiser


  • Tell your story or why you chose to create a fundraiser. 
  • Add photos to your fundraising platform.
  • Share with your inner family and friends first to gain momentum.
  • Invite friends and families to like and follow your Facebook fundraiser to increase reach. 
  • If you initially created a fundraiser on Facebook, you can link your Facebook fundraiser to your Instagram profile. When someone taps the Donate button on your Instagram profile, they’ll be directed to your fundraiser on Facebook.