This is our last call to action before the end of the 117th Congress: Please take a few minutes on Monday, December 12 to send a polite email to your legislators and call their Washington, D.C. offices.


We need to ensure all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate make ELSA a priority and support ELSA’s inclusion in a year-end package.

  • If you participated in an advocacy day event, please reach out to the staffer you met with and email them directly.
  • If you didn’t attend one of the advocacy events this year, click on the EMAIL YOUR LEGISLATORS button below. We’ve updated the legislative asks in our easy-to-use webtool, so each legislator gets exactly the right message about ELSA. All you have to do is enter your street address, and in a few clicks, your message will be sent directly to your legislators. There’s even room for you to enter your personal story, if you want! Click the button below to get started.


Sample script: Hello, my name is (first and last name). I live in (city and state). My (son, daughter, nephew, I, etc.) is affected by a congenital anomaly called (name of the condition). I’m calling to ask you to help make the Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (HR.1916/S.754) a priority by reaching out to leadership to express your support for inclusion of ELSA in an end-of-year package. This legislation will close health benefit plan loopholes that hurt people born with congenital anomalies who need medically necessary treatments and care. Thank you. 

To learn more about ELSA click here.