Welcome to the HPP Community – Physicians

Welcome to the HPP Community!

If you’re not familiar with Soft Bones, we are the US Hypophosphatasia Foundation. Our goal is to provide education and support to foster a better understanding of HPP, and ultimately, better outcomes for patients and their families.

Our understanding of HPP continues to evolve. As research continues to uncover new information, we do our best to be your one-stop-shop for HPP information. As someone who may be new to HPP, this page was created to provide introductory information on hypophosphatasia to give you a baseline understanding of alkaline phosphatase, a genetic overview and a physician’s guide to the disease.


Many more resources build on these fundamentals and provide education on the various symptoms and specialty areas of HPP.  We hope you find these materials helpful and are always open to hearing from you on ways we can make onboarding an easier experience.


Thank you again for being here!

HPP 101

A Physician's Guide to HPP

Introduction to HPP

A Genetic Overview of HPP

What is Alkaline Phosphatase?

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There are multiple ways to learn about HPP and connect with others. We have podcasts, webinars led by experienced HPP experts, TeleEchos, and much more. There is something for every learner.

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