Tooth Fairy Pillow Request

Losing a tooth can be an exciting milestone in a child’s life, but for HPP families, it can be a somewhat frightening event. Every tooth lost can be a tough reminder of the challenges of living with HPP, however, for a child– a lost tooth means one thing – the Tooth Fairy is coming! Soft Bones has created a special Tooth Fairy Pillow featuring our HPP mascot, the hippo, that children can use when they have lost a tooth. Our goal is to turn this potentially upsetting experience into a happy event for everyone. We also use this opportunity to provide HPP education focused on the dental implications of the disease. 

*1 free pillow per household.

To purchase additional pillows contact

*Please note: Colors and designs may vary from the example in the photo.

Sponsored in part by Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease